I feel empty like a shell lying on the shore, brought by the waves from the ocean. I am caught up in this limbo called 9 to 5 where I grind myself daily in a meaningless exercise. And each day I return emptier. All around me are walls. Walls of glass and concrete. There is my voice. And there is a deafening echo of my voice reflecting back to me. And then there is silence when I get tired of talking. I am trying to hold on to pieces of myself which remind me of myself. Pieces which brought me happiness in some long lost days. I am trying to keep that part of myself alive so that I can survive and have the will to take on another day. With you gone and everyone who felt like home on their own ways, I am all alone in this boat. Loneliness gnaws at my soul whenever I get to hit pause and rest for a bit. And then comes along emptiness. And with it the haunting sense of meaninglessness. So I avoid to stop and rest. I keep my head stuck in this limbo so that I keep running. So that I am always caught up. That I never get to stop and face everything that keeps asking questions about my existence. And I know how futile that is. How it only adds to the fatigue of my soul. And how it empties me even more. – Jawad

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