Things To Never Forget


Still from Lost in Translation (2003)


On the nights when you are lying down

Head buried in your pillow soaked in tears

Broken and bruised

You need to remind yourself of the rainbow glowing in your soul

And kiss the bougainvillea growing on your limbs

You need to tell yourself

That it is okay

It is okay to be flawed

It is okay not to be perfect

You need to tell yourself that it is okay to be sensitive

It is okay to bruise easier and faster

It is okay to have anxiety and the demons in your head

You don’t have to live their version of life

You don’t have to conform to their realities

and standards of strength and weakness

You make your own self

You make your own reality

You make your own truth

And you profess it and live it with pride

You have a whole world inside you

Or maybe you are a world in itself

You are the cosmic energy of the universe

You are stardust and divine light

There is none like you

You have to accept the thorns on your body

along with the flowers

You need to run to yourself

Embrace it like a long lost lover

Kiss every scar on your weary soul

And wear them with pride.


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