How Do I Tell You?



How do I tell you?

You have the prettiest smile in the world

Warming my heart

With gold and sunshine.

Your laughter paints my soul

With a shade of lavender and honey brown.

It lights the temple of my body

With a thousand scented candles.

It is like a full moon

Shining upon the lake of my life

In the dead of the night.

Your face

The way it blushes pink

Like the sunset sky

When you lose your breath


And your eyes become really small

And you look so cute

The sight

Makes me want to stop time

And kiss you

Till eternity.

I could trade the world for your smile.

It is priceless

Like a Monet painting.

A master piece

Like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The moment you break into laughter

And I start laughing with you,

Like two rainbows

Meeting midway in the sky.


We make a double rainbow.

But how I do tell you?

For you are a constellation on the sixth sky

Out of reach.

Out of touch.


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