What does the sunset makes you feel?



I want to know

What does the sunset makes you feel?

The red and lilac streaks on the sky

Like your smudged lipstick after I kissed you.

Does the sight make you dream?

Or it fills your heart with sea salt?

Does it remind you

Of the last time I held your hand

And kissed goodbye on your palm?

What color does it evoke in the ocean of your soul?

Does it paint you with the lavender of nostalgia

Or the blue of melancholy?

Does it make you hallucinate?

Or it makes you think of the lonely travelers

On their way without a destination?

What does the sunset sky says to you?

Does it heal you?

Or makes you drown in its colors?

Does it make you hastily scribble poems

On the tissue paper in your pocket?

Or does it make you stand and stare at it for eons

Oblivious to your friends chattering in the distance?

Do you get drunk on the sky when it blushes pink?

Tell me does the sunset make you high?

Does it whisper the secret of the universe?

Or it stays silent

Spraying your soul with purple and gold?

Or do you never stop and look it at twice

Like the rest of the busy, indifferent world?


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