I am a lost pepper mint dream



I am a lost pepper mint dream wrapped in a rainbow

I am the blue fire burning in the forest

I’m the sky bleeding colors at sunset

I am the pied piper’s elusive dreams

I am the colors in the prism

I am the bittersweet taste of lost love

I’m the evening breeze bringing nostalgia

I’m the lilac cotton candy clouds

I’m the violet twilight skies

I’m the soothing fingers of a lover’s hand

I’m the dull ache in your heart lulled to sleep by the tune of time

I’m the shy kid waiting for his turn in the queue of the cafe

I am the mellow pink of Kashmiri chai

I am the scent of pink bubble gum and popcorns

I’m Hozier’s sad playlist in your iPod

I’m the tears that never come out

I’m the freezing winds of December chilling my heart and body

I’m the restlessness of the ocean

I’m the melancholy in my poems

I’m the reflection in the lake glistening in the afternoon sun


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