She Stole your Firsts



How sad is the realization

that you will never feel

like the first time you fell in love.

There will be no butterflies in your stomach.

Your heart will never hammer

like rain pounding on the rooftop.

There will be no flowers

sprouting in your soul

when she called out your name

looking into your deep brown eyes.

How sad that your soul will never glow

like fireflies in the dark

when she caressed your face

and ruffled your hair.

You will never feel the sweet taste

of the wine of love on your lips

when you first kissed her.

That sweet sweet passion

that kept you dreamy eyed for days.

You will never feel

like you have the universe in your arms

when you hugged her.

You will never burn like a moth

for a love you believed

to be the truest of all.

You will never feel

the rhythm of the universe

dancing when you sat by her side

her head on your shoulder.

Your heart will never be ablaze

with the fire of love

when you leaned into kiss her forehead

when she was upset.

Your eyes will never burn

with a passion so raw

and a love so honest

that it could move the Universe.

How sad

that all your firsts have been stolen

and you can never get them back.

They will remain in her lap forever.


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