We Are One



I’m in a relationship with nature.

And unlike all other human lovers,

She’s always there for me.

When I look at the sky and smile,

And my soul starts to merrily whirl around,

When the soft evening breeze kisses me

Like your chiffon dupatta caressed my face,

When my senses are exhilarated

By the scent of pine trees,

When I smile at daisies and lavenders

And when I see the snow white clouds

Hanging out from the dome of the sky,

Sometimes so near as if my heart could actually kiss them,

I feel like I am a part of nature.

I am a part of the sky, the clouds,

Trees, grass, the flowers

And the rainbows and fireflies.

And they are a part of me.

In these moments of intimacy

I feel like I’m making love to nature.

And she’s making love back to me.

And in these we moments we are one.



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