I Will Write About Happy Things


I will write about happy things

The smell of coriander leaves

The aroma of halva cooking in the kitchen

The scent of cinnamon

I will write about the pinkish blue sunset skies

Of how they paint my eyes with dreams

About the kites flying in the blue canvas that is the sky

About sea shells, gulls and the hum of the ocean

About pine trees, snow white clouds and the warm winter sun

About helium balloons, paper boats and crayons

Origami flowers, ribbons and oil pastels

Sky lanterns, scented candles and glitter

About confetti, fireworks and chocolate

Kohl, henna and jhumkas

Tea, coffee and brownies

I will write about flowers and butterflies

Lilies, lavenders and lilacs

Daffodils, dandelions and daisies

About pirate ships and roller coasters

Merry go rounds and water slides

I will write about dreams and desires

About hope and courage

I will write about light and faith

I will write about happy things


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