I Am


I am the guy walking alone in the malls with his headphones on.

I’m the girl sitting on the bench in the park on a Friday night rolling a joint.

I’m the boy sitting in a deserted corridor with his head buried in his legs.

I am the empty parking lot.

I am the dried leaves rustling on the road.

I’m the creases in your kurta.

I am the heaviness in your chest.

I am the 3 PM emptiness.

I am the silent tears streaming down your face at 2 AM.

I am the depression in your bones that you have even you are laughing with your friends.

I am the anxiety at 6 in the evening when you are driving back home.

I am the self-loathing you feel when you want to disappear from the face of the earth.

I am the insecurities keeping you up at 4 am.

I am the sad soulful songs in your playlist.

I’m the unfinished sentences and repressed feelings.

I am the mellow hum of the ocean.


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