Who Needs Drugs?


They often ask me

Do you get high when you write?

How do you write with such intense feeling without any drugs?

How do you come up with this raw emotion?

You don’t smoke,

You don’t do pot.

You don’t drink either.

You’re not even addicted to caffeine.

So how do you do it?

And I tell them that they are right.

I am not high when i write.

Rather I have never been high.

I write on the spur of the moment,

Letting anything such as a sunset or rain inspire me.

But what I never tell them is that I do get high,

but not on hash or alcohol,

but on pain and sadness.

On nostalgia and solitude.

What they don’t know is that pain is a drug

(mind you a potent one)

and so is sadness.

Sadness is addictive and so is solitude. Nostalgia, solitude and memories all are drugs.

And then there is you,

Your eyes and your face.

Your memories stuck in my soul

like icicles hanging from branches.

So tell me who needs drugs?


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