3 AM Muse

Lying on the rooftop at 3 in the night

Gazing at the stars

Tiny lanterns hanging from the sky

I tried to find you in their faint glimmer


Maybe your eyes

Or the glint of your nose pin

Or maybe your smile

The curve of your lips

Only to be haunted by the reminder

That your face is now nothing but a blurred image in a corner of my mind

A distant memory

And your voice a lost echo in the ocean

That you are no more the subject of my poems

Nor is your name a word that made me pause and think twice

Neither do I trace your eyebrows in the clouds anymore

You are no longer the fire igniting my muse

In moments when my mind is blank

And I am empty

You are not the color that fills it

Like water you have slipped out of my hands

And all I am left with is finding you in constellations


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