Because after all how would the wirld be without colors? It is them that give meaning and expression to the dull and ordinary. Colors are everything.

I am or I was

Blue. My mood. The wall in my room. The paints I use. Twitter. Blue. You.

Red. My stain on my bedsheet. The gulmohar tree outside my window. The liquid inside my skin. Lust. Aggression. Red. Rough sex.

Grey. Where your feelings about me are. Storms. Friend’s favorite fictional char. First sign of old. Grey. Just stay?

Yellow. Summer. Sunflowers. Lemonades. Fictional umbrellas. Boat rides. Yellow. Sitting in a garden, playing quid pro quo.

White. Where all our energies meet. Positivity. Peace. Neutral. Lilies. Sky. White. Blank, and no one in sight.

Black. Your heart. My heart after you. My coffee. What I wear to hide my weight for you. Black. I think now I have a bag to pack.

Green. The tree outside my window. Jealousy, when you talk about her. Go. Spring. Green. Things that make us mean.

Violet. Skies. Bruises. Abusive relationships. Magic. Indigo plantations. Orchids. Violet. I…

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