Shower of Daisies


We were going on the highway

Speeding along lavender fields and wild daisies

And suddenly I pulled over

Jumped out of the car

You followed me


I stood facing the fields with my back to the car

Pretending as if I did not see you there

You came to face me

Tugged at my sleeve

Gave me that perplexed look of a six year old that you give

When you are worried

I looked back at you

At your round face with green eyes that glinted like marbles

And then I cupped your face in my hands

And I kissed you

I kissed you

Like the world was on fire and all I had was this moment

Here and now

I kissed you as your lips were turbines that filling me with divine energy

I kissed you with the passion of the spirits concealed in the pores of the mountains

I kissed with you the energy of the blissful torrents

I kissed you with my soul burning in the pyre in a field of ice

And in that moment I knew

The two stars meant for each other

Had finally collided

In a shower of rainbows and daisies


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