What About That Tear?

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And what about that tear

At the threshold of the corner of your eye

About to roll down on your cheeks;

(A warm salty waterfall)

But was hastily held back

Just in time

That could neither flow out

Nor truly go back in

Dissolved somewhere in the pupil

What about that tear?

A million stories and regrets

Lost hope and scattered dreams

All in a drop of saltwater

If only you could see

The sorrow that you could not possibly reveal

But could not fully hide

The pain that was visible

But also elusive

The grief that you so wanted to express

But you had to hold it up for reasons unfathomable

The warm salty waters in your eyes

So desperate to flow

So irresistible to hold back

But you do for you are not even sure

Of how you feel

It is somewhere in between

Like purgatory

Where you cannot die

But you cannot fully live either

It is a sorrow half expressed

A sigh half let out

It is the chaos and mayhem of your existent

Written in a drop of salt water

That couldn’t find its way to flow


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