Good art is pain, aggression and gratitude.

A beautiful piece. And it is so true.

Fatima Afzal.


Being a good artist can be the easiest yet the hardest thing in life. Look around you. Everywhere you see all the best and most successful artists of all times have a story behind them. Be it a writer, a music artist, a poet, or an artist or anything.

There are a billion writers, poets, singers, artists, in this world but a very few get somewhere. And an even fewer amount of them are remembered by the coming hundreds of generations. The very few that are remembered for ages must have had three characteristics: experience, talent, and passion. But the main essence in an artist’s art is ‘pain.’ Pain gives away experience, nourishes the natural talent and induces the passion. More the pain, better the art.

There comes a point in almost everyone’s life where you have gotten so hurt that life holds only two options for you: self destruct…

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