You Could Be

You could be the man in a hospital in Nairobi

Dying from cancer

You could be the refugee running from Syria

Seeking shelter in a foreign land

You could be the poor child in Gaza

Wounded by raining missiles

Breathing her last

You could be the prostitute in a red light district in Singapore

Making a living by selling your body

You could be a child in Burundi

Malnourished and sick

Perpetually hungry with never enough to eat

You could be the woman in Delhi

Raped and killed by hungry beasts in the city

You could be the unintended target

Of the drug war in Mexico

Killed by a stray bullet

You could be the countless faceless victims

Of a suicide bombing in a mosque, church or a temple

In a school, hotel or inside your car

You could be a homeless young man in the US

Sleeping on roads

Addicted to heroin

Stealing for survival

Scavenging for food

You could be the criminal

Brought up in an abusive household

Led astray by foul company

You could be a wreck

A hopeless miserable mass of flesh and blood

But no

You are none of this

You are not a wreck

You are reading these words

On your laptop

Or the screen of your smart phone

Or on your iPad

Or your tablet

Sitting in your air conditioned room

Comfortably snuggled in a sofa

Or in your office

Or your comfy living room

All warm and cozy

And I am typing these words

Sitting on a desk in front of my laptop

Inside the safe walls of my room

Safe from all the chaos and suffering

Pain and torment

Violence and hunger

That the world is inflicted with

You are not all those things

Neither am I

And that gives me

And you

A thousand reasons to be grateful

For all that we have

And for all that we are not


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