Your Letters


Your letters make me crumble like a sand castle on the beach

Breaking me apart like constellations breaking from galaxies

Strangling both my heart and soul when I read them out loud.

Your letters make me bleed crimson, blue and grey altogether

Giving me the lump in the throat and salty waterfalls on my cheeks

When I read them in your voice in my head.

Your letters make me nostalgic like the sea shells on the shore

Like an old man thinking of his wife who died too young

Like a troubled woman in her thirties reminiscing her happy childhood days

Making me painfully aware of your ever increasing absence.

Your letters make me crave you

Like flamingos craving for fish in the ocean.

Kindling a desire to hold you and kiss your warm brown hands.

Your letters enshroud my being with the numbing scent of your love

When I imagine your hands running over the white paper

Sealing it with their warmth and benign fragrance.

Your letters smile at me like a full moon on a star less night

They speak to me in a languages unknown

Caresses and whispers, tears and smiles.

Your letters melt me over and over again

Like a cascading chocolate lava cake

They make me crave for your scent

Like a junkie craving for heroine.

They make me smile through the tears

Like a little boy having found his lost toy.


4 thoughts on “Your Letters

  1. Wow! Such an enjoyable one again. That connectivity with a choco lava cake is the tastiest of all 😀
    Your poem makes me realise the absence of this lost mode of communication through letters. Letter writing used to be an utter bliss. If I get a lover, I’ll write him beautiful letters on a scented off White paper ,deriving inspiration from this post of yours 🙂

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