Do You Ever?


Do you ever murmur my name while sipping your coffee and looking out the window of your room?

Do you ever remember my warm embrace on a cold evening when the waves of nostalgia take hold of you?

Do you ever want your head on my chest after a long hard day when you are so done with life?

Do you ever get overwhelmed with a burning desire in your chest to leave everything and run back to me?

Do you ever surrender to the flood of the memories and let pain take over your body and soul like a knight defeated in battle?

Do you ever tell them about those secret tears that roll down your face when its 2 am and you are missing me?

Do you ever whisper the pain that circulates in your veins like poison when someone plays my favorite song?

Do you ever write about all the times you snub the thoughts that remind you of me?

Do you ever just sit and stare blankly at the blue walls of your room reminiscing about the time we first met?

Do you ever find your soul breaking apart when something trivial reminds you of me in the middle of the afternoon?

Do you ever stand lost by the maroon curtains in your room and wish for me to stand beside you and look at the street?

Do you ever feel a hand clawing inside your chest and ripping your heart out when you think of our last good bye?

Do you ever read our old conversations and listen to my voice notes and feel yourself drowning in the sea of pain and nostalgia?

Do you ever crave for my voice soothing you in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep?

Do you ever make your favorite dessert and wish for a moment that I was there to taste it?

Do you ever miss my presence on the left side of the bed?

Do you ever crave the shower of kisses I buried you underneath?

Do you ever hug your pillow and imagine it to be me like you used to?


9 thoughts on “Do You Ever?

  1. It’s so hard to forget the pain but it’s even harder to forget sweetness. Having gone through your post, i feel crippled inside. Your posts act like a stimulant, provoking me to feel all depths of it. Loss of love is tormenting.

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    1. I agree Maryam. This is the bittersweet pain that is more difficult to let go of because somehow we enjoy it. And thank you. I’m glad you liked it. You’re one of my best readers here. Cheers! πŸ™‚

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