So Bano wrote this piece inspired by my poem ‘Physics’ that I posted earlier.

Bano's World

When I was 15, back in 10th grade, I remember my teacher explained to us the concept of time
Schrodinger gave us the time independent wave equation
And I learnt
Time is independent but dependent at the same time
We learnt about energy and how it always changes forms
I learnt that nothing ever in the universe is gone at all
It just exists
Maybe in a different state or a part of something else

Three years from that time
I agree with most of what was taught
But I infused my own learnings in it
Because blackboard teachings won’t answer the questions I thought deep at night

Life and time go side by side
Time changes and with it does a man
You’re constant now but a year from now?
Probably different
Do you ever think about it?
How time changes you but never changes you?
You grow old…

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