I Love You More

Heart wrenchingly beautiful. Will move the coldest hearts.

The Literary Peanut

“She is…” I fell short of words as she stared at me. “Well, she is simply…” The old woman looked at me with interested eyes. I had told her you were a thing of beauty and she had asked how so. I think she wanted me to tell her you had an hourglass body and we had made so much love in Bahamas that I could see no one else but you. I suppressed an urge to laugh. “Simply… beautiful.” She looked a little disappointed. I had disappointed the chocolatier who was going to help me select a perfect assortment to give you tonight. She had leaned on the counter so urgently and now she just straightened up like I was some man who had looked at her daughter with inappropriate eyes. Well, I couldn’t tell her, could I? You were beautiful. Just beautiful. How could I let her know…

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