Have You Seen?

Have you seen how he likes seeing her sleep? How he loves the sight of her sprawled on the bed?

How he loves her wet hair straight out of the shower all fragrant and rosy?

Have you seen how he plays with her black locks, the way he holds them and turns them around his slender fingers and pushes them gently back over her ear?

Have you seen how he lifts her face by her chin when she shyly pushes it away? How he strokes her cheeks by the back of his fingers and caresses her earlobes?

How he softly moves her long fringes falling like black waterfalls from her forehead. How his fingers play piano on her neck, stroking it like the sublime showers in spring.

How he holds her face in his long hands like a divine prize he would lose if he let go of it. A sacred relic he is afraid to lose.

Have you seen how he cradles her up in her arms and gently lifts her delicate torso up putting his one arm under her legs and the other on her back? How he fondles her and puts her arm around his neck. She puts her other hand in his hair grasping them tightly and ruffles it.

Have you seen how he looks at her, his eyes burning with passion and mellow at the same time? How he looks in her eyes, those deep honey brown eyes and starts fires in them? Have you seen the way she looks back at him, with all the intensity of her soul? Β The way her face glows and her eyes become fireflies and her cheeks flush crimson and her being is shrouded in a rainbow. It is like he is all the happiness she has ever known.

In that moment their eyes make love. It is that moment, divine and heavenly, when times stops and their hearts skip a beat and the universe stands still and it is just them, on a separate planet, in a different dimension, in another galaxy. It sets their souls on fire. It sprouts the brightest of flowers in their souls bathing them in the eternal fragrance of love. It is a passion beyond words can say, stronger than the most volatile of volcanoes. And in that moment they are invincible.


11 thoughts on “Have You Seen?

  1. Hello Jawad,
    This is the best thing on love , I read lately. you’ve put so much power in the words. I appreciate the intricacy of each little emotion, you brought up. I am intrigued by this work of yours. An unforgettable chronicle of love .

    Liked by 1 person

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