Love Virgin

And he had the honor of engraving the first letter on the clean slate of her heart. Never would she forget the first. Not even in her sleep. He penetrated all the layers of iron that she had built around her heart shielding it from the emotions and feelings she thought were a sign of weakness. Vulnerability is a trait of the weak and mean she said. But he penetrated the tough exterior all the same. Like a fish diving into the mighty ocean he dived straight into her heart, free and effortless. He sold her the best dreams one ever could. And she bought them. The dreams were just too magical to resist. She felt herself being spun around in a rainbow, flying high in the sky like a nymph. Her defenses could not hold. The mighty iron wall came tumbling down like a castle of sand. All her arrogance, her pride, her ego withered away before the spell he cast. He had the wee bit honor of breaking her. He stained the love virgin with indelible marks on her soul forever. He became a part of her. Something she will never be able to let go of. And she gave bit of her soul to him. Something she would never have back. He became a part of her literature with the pieces and bits of him peering from her letters. He would always be found in those words if someone ever tried to explore them. Immortalized in the ink of her words for the ages to come.


14 thoughts on “Love Virgin

  1. This is so beautiful! I have already read this twice. Still ,can’t get over it.
    ” iron wall came tumbling down like a castle of sand” ..these lines have stunned me. What an exquisite style of dancing imagination!

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