Roller Coaster Ride

Life is like a roller coaster ride. Or so it has been for me. It is a journey which goes on and doesn’t wait or stop for anyone. Of course this ride is going to end one day, like all things do. But as long it’s going, it will go on. The reason why I draw the roller coaster analogy with life is that it is similar to a roller coaster. It is always changing, always on the move and you are not really certain about the next moment. It has all its ups and downs and like a roller coaster the change is often very sudden. One instant you are going up and there is no looking back and then the next you come down with a bam. Just like that in life one moment you are happy and all rose and sunshine. Life seems perfect as if nothing will go ever wrong and the next moment it’s gone. Poof. Life is not so good anymore. This sudden change and the uncertainty is what the roller coaster ride is all about.

On a roller coaster ride,

Swinging from ecstatic excitement

To hopeless despair

In moments.

And moments is all what it takes to change. But then I think the fact that life is uncertain and fickle is what makes it interesting.  Imagine a life full of certainty and where you were sure about the future. What fun would there be then? A life in which you always knew what was coming your way. A life without change. Like a train travelling in a linear direction, without any ups and downs, without any bends and turns. Would that be worth living? We complain about the uncertainty but I think we would whine about the monotony then. Without any change, life would be dull, boring and tasteless. Imagine if we were always happy. We might cease to feel the happiness then. It takes sadness to know happiness. The universe works on this contrast. There is an opposite for everything. Positive and negative. Good and evil. And they work together in harmony. You need dark to see the light, you need the night to see the day. Without the opposites we would never be able to differentiate and appreciate. As Paulo Coelho says:

“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.”

And hence comes the Lady Change. It is change which makes it possible for us to see the good things on life.

Apart from the question of being interesting or boring, we need change. We need it to grow and evolve. Without change there can be no growth. Change means evolution, it means we are moving, we are going ahead and growing. The things that remain static and still, they rot and wither away. Have you seen a pond? It is always still, the waters never move and as time passes it starts to stink. A spring on the contrast is always rushing and gushing. It is always flowing, sometimes the current is strong and sometimes it is light, but it keeps moving. It doesn’t stop until it meets its end, its destination: the river. And hence the spring is always clear and fresh. And this just proves that change is necessary. It is necessary to sustain life or maybe change is life. And static is death. Like the spring, life too is on its way, moving ahead with the flow of time. And it will stop only when it meets its destination: Death.


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