We are sowing a vineyard

You and I

Watering it each day

With our warmth and care

Nurturing it with

With affection and love

And this vineyard will grow

And it will flourish

One day when we will part

When you would go your own path

And I will go on my own way

One day when we will finally say

The final goodbye

When I will leave you

And you will leave me

This vineyard of ours

It will engulf us

Surround our beings

The vines will wrap them around us

Strangling and suffocating

With all our warmth

Our care and affection

All the madness

The poison

And chaos

And then finally

The grapes will be picked

And the wine brewed

The wine of our memories

Of unheard melodies and unsung sonnets

Of regrets and sorrows

Of pain and pangs

Of unsaid words and repressed desires

Of sad goodbyes and streams of secret tears

Of unfulfilled wishes and long sighs

And we will pour that wine

In our own places

In our own glasses

In our own times

And we will drink it

We will drink it to our fill

Without clinking our glasses

And seeing the other in the eye

The wine of our vineyard


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