I feel empty like a shell lying on the shore, brought by the waves from the ocean. I am caught up in this limbo called 9 to 5 where I grind myself daily in a meaningless exercise. And each day I return emptier. All around me are walls. Walls of glass and concrete. There is my voice. And there is a deafening echo of my voice reflecting back to me. And then there is silence when I get tired of talking. I am trying to hold on to pieces of myself which remind me of myself. Pieces which brought me happiness in some long lost days. I am trying to keep that part of myself alive so that I can survive and have the will to take on another day. With you gone and everyone who felt like home on their own ways, I am all alone in this boat. Loneliness gnaws at my soul whenever I get to hit pause and rest for a bit. And then comes along emptiness. And with it the haunting sense of meaninglessness. So I avoid to stop and rest. I keep my head stuck in this limbo so that I keep running. So that I am always caught up. That I never get to stop and face everything that keeps asking questions about my existence. And I know how futile that is. How it only adds to the fatigue of my soul. And how it empties me even more. – Jawad



Still from Pierrot le Fou (1965)

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I’m a 21 year old art aficionado with a deep affinity for intellectual conversations, political discussions, poetry and tea. I am hopelessly in love with the sky and sunsets and I believe as Keats said that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

I believe in little things and I think life reveals itself through them like seeing the sunset or having tea on a cold morning or feeling the cool breeze on your face. I am a person of the little mundane things.

I believe that despite all the sadness and the anxiety life gives, it is beautiful and should be affirmed.

Happiness comes from the inside. Over the years I have learned through the hard way that gratitude is the key to happiness. It can never come from having more but rather being content with what you have. The richest are the ones satisfied with the little they have.

I believe in living in the moment, savoring it and living it fully. The past brings sadness and regrets and the future brings anxiety.

I think that most important thing in life is to be at peace with yourself. At the end of the day when it’s all said and done and you are lying on your bed tired and worn out you will crave for nothing but peace of mind. And if you don’t have it then it’s not worth it.

I believe that hard work is never wasted even though it might not lead to you to success every time but it always pays off in one way or the other.

Adversity can be your best friend only if you have the eyes to see. There can be no worth accomplishment without hardship. Only through struggle can you reach the stars.

Everything happens for a reason though you can’t see it every time. I believe that things go wrong so that they can make something right. Nothing is completely a total loss. There is always some good lurking in the corner but most of the times we are too blind to see it.

Self-belief is a power which can work wonders. Believe and you will. All through my life when I firmly believed in something I achieved it.

The mind is everything. What you think you become, so watch your thoughts. Positivity is an attitude which can take you far in life and give you loads of contentment and peace.

The most important person in your life is you yourself. At the end of the day it is only you. It is necessary to love yourself, and take care of yourself. You are the one who matters the most in your life and without respecting and loving yourself first you would never be able to have stable relationships.

People will disappoint you. No matter what happens the moment you start expecting from them, they will always disappoint you. So be careful never to place your happiness in someone’s hands. They will eventually drop it.

Love as much as you can. Love but don’t obsess. Don’t try to possess the other person. Love should be liberating not suffocating. And when you love don’t ignore the possibility of heartbreak for love and heartbreak are twins. But that’s okay. Some of the best lessons in life are learned through pain. The pain of love is sweet. It will make you softer and kinder.

Passion and enthusiasm are something which can always make you stand out. If you are passionate enough and are truly crazy about it you can do anything. Put your heart in things you do. Only then can you do them truly and sincerely.

Mistakes are the best way to learn. You will learn the most important lessons in your life the harder way. You will struggle at things but then eventually you will manage to pull them off. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, take them as valuable learning experiences and you will be glad that you made them.

Dreams should be boundless as the sky. Have the courage to dream big for what can be imagined can be achieved. Never be afraid to push your limits.

Art is one of the best ways to heal yourself. I believe in the power of art, its rawness, its honesty, sincerity and intensity. Art has taught me a lot in life.

Books can be your best friends. They have that magical power to mold your thinking for better or worse. Good books can really have a healthy influence on your personality. Choose them carefully and never let this relation die.


Things To Never Forget


Still from Lost in Translation (2003)


On the nights when you are lying down

Head buried in your pillow soaked in tears

Broken and bruised

You need to remind yourself of the rainbow glowing in your soul

And kiss the bougainvillea growing on your limbs

You need to tell yourself

That it is okay

It is okay to be flawed

It is okay not to be perfect

You need to tell yourself that it is okay to be sensitive

It is okay to bruise easier and faster

It is okay to have anxiety and the demons in your head

You don’t have to live their version of life

You don’t have to conform to their realities

and standards of strength and weakness

You make your own self

You make your own reality

You make your own truth

And you profess it and live it with pride

You have a whole world inside you

Or maybe you are a world in itself

You are the cosmic energy of the universe

You are stardust and divine light

There is none like you

You have to accept the thorns on your body

along with the flowers

You need to run to yourself

Embrace it like a long lost lover

Kiss every scar on your weary soul

And wear them with pride.

Of the Sun and Sky


The sun

kisses the sky


on its forehead

and it blushes

pink and red.

I’ll see you again in the morning,

the sun says

and it parts

leaving the sky

in the cluster

of stars.

And the sky

wears black

all night


the separation

from its beloved.

At dawn

they meet again

the sun

kisses the sky good morning

and it blushes again.

This time it is happy.

You were my sun.

You kissed me good bye that evening.

Only difference is

you never returned in the morning

to kiss me

and I am still draped in black

like the sky

waiting for the sun

which will never rise.

How Do I Tell You?



How do I tell you?

You have the prettiest smile in the world

Warming my heart

With gold and sunshine.

Your laughter paints my soul

With a shade of lavender and honey brown.

It lights the temple of my body

With a thousand scented candles.

It is like a full moon

Shining upon the lake of my life

In the dead of the night.

Your face

The way it blushes pink

Like the sunset sky

When you lose your breath


And your eyes become really small

And you look so cute

The sight

Makes me want to stop time

And kiss you

Till eternity.

I could trade the world for your smile.

It is priceless

Like a Monet painting.

A master piece

Like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The moment you break into laughter

And I start laughing with you,

Like two rainbows

Meeting midway in the sky.


We make a double rainbow.

But how I do tell you?

For you are a constellation on the sixth sky

Out of reach.

Out of touch.

Of First Kisses



You can never forget your first kiss. You never do. I remember mine almost as it was yesterday. I kissed you in the empty parking lot of my high school. It was almost twilight. I remember tasting the lilac sunset sky on your lips. I had my hand in your hair. You wrote a secret poem on my back in a language which only we could understand. And I whispered incantations in your ears which painted scarlet tapestries on your soul. My heart was on fire with the burning passion I felt. I swear I had never tasted something so pure in my life. It was ethereal and divine like walking in lavender fields or the pristine turquoise of the lake. And in that moment of ecstasy I knew that the universe made love to us.

What does the sunset makes you feel?



I want to know

What does the sunset makes you feel?

The red and lilac streaks on the sky

Like your smudged lipstick after I kissed you.

Does the sight make you dream?

Or it fills your heart with sea salt?

Does it remind you

Of the last time I held your hand

And kissed goodbye on your palm?

What color does it evoke in the ocean of your soul?

Does it paint you with the lavender of nostalgia

Or the blue of melancholy?

Does it make you hallucinate?

Or it makes you think of the lonely travelers

On their way without a destination?

What does the sunset sky says to you?

Does it heal you?

Or makes you drown in its colors?

Does it make you hastily scribble poems

On the tissue paper in your pocket?

Or does it make you stand and stare at it for eons

Oblivious to your friends chattering in the distance?

Do you get drunk on the sky when it blushes pink?

Tell me does the sunset make you high?

Does it whisper the secret of the universe?

Or it stays silent

Spraying your soul with purple and gold?

Or do you never stop and look it at twice

Like the rest of the busy, indifferent world?